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Starting a New Business Checklist                                                                                       

Are you planning to start a business in the City of Pryor Creek? If so, we would like to make your process flow as smoothly as possible. Our Community Development Department has created a checklist of City requirements that will assist the potential business owner. It is important to note that this list is not exhaustive, and depending on your situation, other requirements may apply. In these cases we ask that you contact the Community Development Dept. at Pryor Creek City Hall, 12 N Rowe, 2nd floor to discuss your plans with the Building Inspector.

  • Verify the address where you wish to set up your new business through the Mayes County E911 Addressing Office.
  • Confirm that the zoning requirements on the site are suitable for your business.
  • Special requirements may be required for renovations.
  • Acquire a building permit if you’re planning to build or make renovations. See the link to permits below.

Contractors and Sub - Contractors must be licensed with the State of Oklahoma (CIB) and the City of Pryor Creek.

The process of obtaining a permit is as follows:

  • Call to set up an appointment to bring your new construction / renovation plans to the Community Development Dept. The Building Inspector will review the plans based on code requirements and will either approve or request you make changes. (918) 825-1679
  • Once all building code and zoning requirements have been met, a building permit will be issued.
  • If alterations to plumbing, heat & air, gas, electrical and/or fire protection are needed with renovations, permits for these are required along with the building permit.
  • Before you can erect any signage at your place of business a sign permit must be obtained.
  • Inspections are conducted over the course of construction. It is the responsibility of your contractor/sub-contractors to call the Community Development Dept. to set up inspections with the Building Inspector. Once new construction / renovations are completed, a final inspection is required.  (918) 825-1679
  • When your building passes all inspections you will need a Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Inspector.

Permit and Contractor License applications can be found here.

Tip: It is always a good idea to check with the City’s Community Development Department to ensure you have all the required permits and requirements in place before opening your business.

City of Pryor Creek
Community Development Department
12 N Rowe, Suite B
Pryor Creek, OK
(918) 825-1679
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