Streets & Drainage Department


The City of Pryor Creek Street Department is responsible for the management, and maintenance of streets, alleys, culverts, and their associated systems. Related job duties include snow removal, ice control, and repairs to maintain roadway conditions within approved pavement management criteria. Street Maintenance exists to provide safe, well-drained, durable streets, effective pavement management, and responsive emergency services to all citizens of Pryor Creek and their visitors.


  • Provide for management, and maintenance of street and drainage systems.
  • Provide maintenance and repair of the City's streets and roadbed drainage (ditches) and culverts.
  • Provide cleaner streets by running a street sweeper to clear debris from streets such as leaves and dirt when possible.
  • Provides emergency disaster response - related to flooding, winter storms, and severe storms - such as plowing, clearing streets of debris, and barricading off flooded areas. 
  • Mowing and weed eating of the City's rights of way along roads, drainage with proper easements, and city-owned property.
  • Painting of crosswalks and sign installation for the safety of our children, citizens, and our visitors.
  • Patch potholes on Fridays after visual inspection of streets or after notification from a citizen.
  • Providing new sidewalks and Handicap ramps when possible and maintenance on existing sidewalks.


In the case or chance of bad weather, the Street Department will have two crews; one during the day and one at night. Their duty is to help keep the water flowing as it should and to barricade off flooded areas as well as keep the debris clear off the streets for Emergency Personnel.


In the case or chance of Winter weather such as ice or snow, the Street Department will have two crews; one during the day and one at night. Their duty is to either plow or salt and sand slick areas to help with the flow of traffic and Emergency Personnel. Snow Routes Map Snow Routes


The City's street sweeper is used for multiple purposes. The main purpose is to keep debris off the City streets such as leaves and dirt and to help make the City more attractive. It is also used to remove leaves and dirt from the drainage ditches and stormwater inlet boxes to insure the water can flow freely during times of heavy rain.


We are no longer picking up brush unless it pertains to FEMA.

Free Brush Dump Days

The City provides free brush dump days each month.

Where: South of town at Pryor Waste and Recycling (2657 S 430 Rd)

When: The first and third Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the residents of Pryor Creek. 

How: Residents must present their Municipal Utility Bill to prove residency within the City of Pryor Creek.

All tree trimming businesses are required to pay a fee at the sanitation office (Pryor Waste and Recycling) before dumping their brush.

Warning: No lumber or trash is allowed at the brush dump. Violators will be banned from future use. 


It is against City Ordinance to mow or blow your grass/leaves into the streets or drainage ditches. It impedes the flow of water and if the debris makes it to the creeks or lakes, it takes the oxygen out of the water and could kill the fish. Violators will be asked to clean up and can potentially be fined. Those who have their yards professionally maintained by lawn services are responsible for making sure the lawn service disposes of the debris properly. Ultimately, the homeowner is responsible for the leaves/grass that comes from their yard.

City Codes regarding DEPOSIT UPON PUBLIC WAYS: 8-2-158-2-168-2-17

PROJECTS: Current, Completed & Future

This is where the Street Department will update the citizens on any future & completed projects.

Update from Street Superintendent:7/1/19

  • Patching potholes.
  • Installing new street signs that are faded.
  • Cleaning out driveway pipes to help with water flow
  • Employee equipment training/safety
  • Doing base repair on SE 4th and 5th street for the asphalt overlay for 2019.
  • Street repair on SE 8th Place..
  • Sweeping when we have time
  • Crack Seal new concrete that has been poured.
  • Base repair on the intersection of Coo-y-yah and Park street.
  • Dipped ditches on NE 5th, SE Gaither, North Vann, Lindley Lane
  • Painting crosswalks and stop bars
  • Pothole Repair


Drainage on Pine street and NE 3rd at the alleyway.


The Street Department's daily work schedule is comprised of daily Work Orders. Work orders keep a record of our day-to-day work agenda. Work Orders are given by the Street Superintendent and Mayor.


We feel communication between the public and the Street Department is very important, especially because we are able to travel every section of the City on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us with your questions or concerns with water drainage, potholes etc. We aim to serve YOU better.

City of Pryor Creek Street Department

6 North Taylor

Office: 918-825-1256 - NEW NUMBER AS OF 1/24/19

Street Bids and Proposals

Bid Application Information:

All bid applications will be in .pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader you can download and install the software at this website.

Pay close attention to closing dates.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Buddy Glenn Street Superintendent
Bobby Spurlock Assistant Superintendent