Animal Control

New Animal Fees (Effective 11/19/19):

City of Pryor Creek Animal Fees

5-3-2A & 5-3-2BDog or Cat Registration (more than 6 months of age)$5.00
5-3-7E1Surrender Fee Per Animal For Resident of City of Pryor$30.00
 Surrender Fee Per Animal For Non-Resident of City of Pryor$40.00
 Impound Fee Per Animal In All Instances Inclusive of Due To Incarceration of Owner$30.00
 Keeping/Boarding Fee During Period of Impoundment Per Animal$5.00 per day
5-3-7H1Spay and NeuterDeposit for Release of Dog or Cat for Adoption$125.00
5-3-16C2Intact Permit Fee$100.00
5-3-16C3Intact Animal Renewal Fee$10.00