Permits & Licenses

Building and Utility Permits / Inspections Procedure

  • Contractors, Journeymen, and Apprentices must have an ACTIVE status with the State Construction Industries Board (CIB) before a City license and/or permit can be issued.  
  • Any contractor in violation of the above is subject to suspension of the license by the City.
  • Any inspections after 4 p.m. are not guaranteed to be completed until the following day before noon. 
  • No inspections will occur unless a permit has been previously purchased.
  • For new build Residential we will need the application filled out and submitted along with a set of plans and a plat survey.
  • For new build Commercial we will need the application filled out and submitted along with four sets of plans and a plat survey.

Building/Construction Permit Application

Sec. 9-1A-5


Building Permit
and Value Fees



Demolition Permit Application

Sec. 9-1A-5

Fire Protection System Permit Application (Building Permit)

Sec 4-2-7

Floodplain Permit Application

Sec 12-4-3

Moving Permit Application

The moving of any house, building or structure on the streets or alley of the City. Sec. 9-1A-8  

Sign Permit Application

Sec 10-10C

Storm Shelter Permit Application (Building Permit)

Sec 9-11-1

Swimming Pool Permit Application (Building Permit)

Sec 9-1A-1

Utility Permit Application (electric, plumbing, mechanical)

Electric Sec 9-3-6 ; Plumbing Sec 9-2-4 ; Mechanical Sec 9-4-1


Alcohol License Application

All businesses in the City of Pryor Creek that sell alcohol/beer are required to be licensed with the City.

Section 3-10A-2                                                                              

Amusement Center Devices & Pool Hall License Application

If your business has coin-operated devices for the purpose of amusement/entertainment and/or if your business is an Amusement facility, follow the link to complete your license application.

Section 3-4B-1

Auction License Application

Before any person shall sell or expose for sale, at a public or private auction in this city, any bankrupt or other stock of goods, wares or merchandise or shall sell or offer for sale any merchandise of any character whatsoever in this city at public or private auction, the owner thereof shall first pay to this city a license fee for each day such goods, wares or merchandise is to be sold or offered for sale in this city.

Section 3-3-2

Contractor's License (electric, plumbing, mechanical) Application

If you are a contractor, journeyman, or apprentice planning to work in the City of Pryor Creek, you'll need to fill out this application. 

It is unlawful for any person to engage in the business, trade, or occupation of an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing contractor, journeyman or apprentice in the City of Pryor Creek unless he or she is registered with the City and has a current and valid Oklahoma State CIB license. 

Plumbing  Sec 9-2-2, Electrical  Sec 9-3-7, Mechanical Sec  9-4-3

Public Fireworks Display Application

Public and Commercial fireworks within the City of Pryor Creek require the purchase of a license, (also known as a permit).

Section 5-4C-2

Residential Fireworks Permit Application

Residential fireworks within the City of Pryor Creek require the purchase of a license, (also known as a permit).

Section 5-4C-2

Garbage / Dumpster / Roll Off

No person, firm, corporation, or other commercial entity, other than the contracted service, shall collect, transport, or dispose of solid waste within the city limits without a license, (also known as a permit), issued by the City of Pryor Creek, City Clerk’s department.

Section 8-2-2

Golf Cart / Utility Vehicle

Golf carts and utility vehicles shall not be operated upon the city streets of Pryor Creek without a license, (also known as a permit).

Section 6-2-19

Mobile Food Service

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a Mobile Food Service with the City of Pyor Creek without a Permit. 

Section 3-2A-3

Open Burn

Burn Guidelines

Burn permits are issued for the open burning of trees, brush, shrubs, and limbs solely for the purpose of land clearing. Approved burn licenses, (also known as a permit), are valid for a period of ten (days).

Section 4-5-8
*A permit is not required for properties outside of City limits, however, you do need to notify the fire department any time you burn outside of City limits.  Use the non-emergency number 918-825-3131.

Pawn Brokers License Application

Pawnbrokers and pawnshop owners are required to obtain a license with the city of Pryor Creek.  Section 3-5-2

Solicitor/Itinerant License Application

For-profit businesses, professions, trades, occupations or privileges that require a license in the City of Pryor Creek.  Section 3-1-3

Any person, firm, corporation, partnership or other entity which engages in, does or transacts any temporary or transient business in this City, either in one locality or in traveling from place to place offering for sale or selling goods, wares, merchandise or services, and includes those merchants who, for the purpose of carrying on such business, hire, lease, use or occupy any building, structure, motor vehicle, railroad car or real estate.

Section 3-2-3

Taxi Cab License Application

All drivers or operators of taxicabs within the City shall, before driving or operating a taxicab upon the streets, alleys, or public ways of the City of Pryor Creek, first obtain a license.

Section 3-9-2

Tree Trimmer License Application

No person shall engage in the business or occupation of pruning or trimming of trees on streets, alleys, public lands, or public ways within the City without having first obtained a license.

Section 3-7-1

Affidavit of Exempt StatusIf you do not have liability insurance you may use this affidavit of exempt status under the worker's compensation act.

Send all Permit or License Applications to:

Download and print the completed application and send to:

City of Pryor Creek, Community Development, PO Box 1167 Pryor Creek, OK 74362

Office Phone: (918) 825-1679

Email| Fax to: (918) 825-6577 | Hand deliver to: 12 North Rowe Street, Suite B